We love to highlight the work that our Philly Fellows are doing for their host agencies. While no two days are alike, the “Day in the Life” blog post series aims to highlight the types of projects and events that our members work on. This post was written by EboniJoi McNeill, who is currently serving as the Community Outreach Associate at Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia.

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Ready, Willing & Able (RWA) launched the 2016 Men in Blue of Philadelphia photo series that highlights the narratives of men who have either graduated or are presently in the program. Currently in our second week, we have met Frank and Kevin:

“This program is about opportunity and I took advantage of everything they had to offer. I was open to new information, I had a desire to change, and I learned to make the right decisions” – Frank, 2011 Graduate

“This program saved my life. When I got here I was tired. Tired of living the way I was living and doing the things I was doing” – Kevin, 2008 Graduate

With the help of Photographer and Reverend Jason Ferris (Cottage Films//Old Pine Street Church), Director of Development (RWA) Mark Atwood and I created and curated this visual representation of Ready, Willing & Able’s years of service to the Philadelphia community. Please be sure to check out the website at MIBofPHL.com and be on the lookout for upcoming posts!