Year Up Philadelphia

Admissions Specialist


Project Goal: The goal of the fellow is to increase admission prospects, interviews, retention rates and positive program outcomes. The impact of the fellows project will continue to serve Year Up’s mission which is to close the Opportunity Divide by providing urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education.

  • Increase our applicant pool from 173 to 500 for the class of students that begin in July of 2017.
  • Forge 10 new partnerships from which to recruit students in the fall of 2016


Agency Information


Agency Mission
Year Up’s mission is to close the Opportunity Divide by providing urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education.   We achieve this mission through a high support, high expectation model that combines marketable job skills, stipends, internships and college credits. Our holistic approach focuses on students’ professional and personal development to place these young adults on a viable path to economic self-sufficiency.

Address  1420 Pine Street

Total number of Agency Staff Members  12

Agency Budget   $1,656,252


Job Description

The fellow’s duties and responsibilities:


  • Identify 10 organizations from which to enhance the number of Latino and Asia applicants
  • Identify 5 organizations from which to enhance the number of year Up students from Chester and Norristown
  • Review recruitment strategies and materials to make adjustments or improvements

Operationalizing Outreach:

  • Propose a calendar of activities to recruit and enroll constituents of the above and existing organizations
  • Implement at least one activity per month
  • Create a manual or set of protocols that can be followed by future staff or future fellows

Staff Presentations:

  • Make three presentations to educate staff on effective practices for enrolling and supporting Latino and Asian of Philadelphia and youth of the Norristown and Chester Communities

Skills/qualifications a fellow should have to succeed in the position:    

  • Ability to communicate effectively through all modes of communication (including social media)
  • Excellent written and oral communication
  • Capacity to plan and manage projects
  • Diplomacy and patience for managing relationships


Community Need

Specific community need that the Philly Fellow will address:
Year Up addresses the need for not just employment, but career training for 18-24 year old young adults in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. Job Wars (2011) written by Jim Clifton, chairman of Gallup, posits that of the 5 billion working aged adults, 3 billion desired a good job – that is, 30+ hours of steady work. Worldwide, only 1.2 billion such jobs are available. Unemployment and underemployment are worldwide problems felt ever acutely in our nation’s urban centers. According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, there are 6.5 million U.S. youth disconnected from work and education. The Department of Labor and Statistics reports that youth unemployment is as high as 14.3% as of July 2014. In Philadelphia, this translates to 44,000 youth who are neither working full time nor in school. Drilling down further, North Philadelphia, just 14.3 square miles wide, is home to 300,000 residents, 40% of whom are estimated to be living below federal guidelines for poverty (US Census, 2010). Year Up addresses poverty by getting young Philadelphia-area youth to work and enrolled in school. We target 18-24 year olds with a high school diploma who are currently not enrolled in college and are unemployed or underemployed – in a low wage job unlikely to lead toward a professional career. For a semester, participants take first year college courses at Peirce College while refining and learning professional norms with Year Up staff. In the following six months, while taking one course at Peirce, participants are matched with a professional internship with one of our employer partners that enables them to get hands-on training and begin to build their resume. After one year of intensive training, working and learning, participants are able to effectively compete in the job market with support from Year Up, a network of professionals, college credits and professional experience. Year Up enables young adults to move from being unemployed, with limited opportunities to advance, to a professional career in one year.


How the agency addresses this need, and how the new capacity created by this fellow will help alleviate the problem:
The Philly Fellow will bolster the quality, quantity and diversity of Year Up applicants. It is essential that Year Up students represent the Philadelphia region. It enhances the quality of our programming in all the ways it would in the workforce. In addition, it allows Year Up to deliver a diverse talent pool to the corporate partners within whom we work. It is also essential that we find students who have a deep interest in the work opportunities we are able to provide. Currently we focus on the Information Technology career track. While this could be a viable career pathway for any young person, they are likely not to be successful in it if they are focused on other interests and unable to make connections between the multiple interests. Furthermore, students may be well suited for our programming but simply not be stable enough to manage the intensity of the Year Up program with their current lives: unmanaged/unaddressed mental health issues, children without day care provisions, homelessness without plans for stable shelter, unaddressed learning differences are to name a few. Enhancing the quality, quantity, and diversity of our student body is essential to the success of the students’ and their performance in the work place – and ultimately launch of their career. The more students that perform at a high level, the greater number of young people hoisted from underemployment to a career track. They become beacons of hope to their immediate families and career guides to younger generations, having an immeasurable influence on their communities.


The organization’s experience operating anti-poverty programming of this nature:
The Year Up program has produced impressive outcomes, with 85% of graduates securing a full-time job with an average starting wage of $15/hour, or enrolling in higher education within four months of graduation. No other youth workforce development program in the country has had better results. In addition, a study conducted by the Economic Mobility Group demonstrated that Year Up participants earned an average of 30% more as compared to a control group. Year Up has a model that works, a track record of success, and the attention of a nation looking for long-term solutions to structural poverty and underemployment


Fellowship Logistics


Fellow orientation plan:
The plan for ongoing training include the following:

  • Learning about Year Up by reading the Year Up founder’s book, online materials and internal documents
  • Learning more about Year Up by talking with national team members by telephone
  • Meeting individually with Year Up Philadelphia staff and key Peirce staff
  • Shadowing the Admissions and Outreach Coordinator


Name and title of the fellow’s immediate supervisor:
Shevaun McCrowell, Admissions and Outreach Coordinator


Plans for supervision of the fellow:
The fellow will be trained, supervised and evaluated by the Admissions Coordinator and other Year Up staff based on their punctuality, team collaboration, implementing and assisting in constructing best practices and outcomes.  The fellow will also be responsible for attending weekly staff meetings. Lastly, the fellow will provide three reports per year to the staff to share learnings, progress and analysis of how to scale recruitment and enrollment efforts while maintaining representation in target communities.


Will fellow be working at the same address listed above?


Will the fellow have their own…             

Office?  Fellow will share  Desk?  Fellow will have their own           Computer?  Fellow will have their own


The approximate percentage of time the fellow will work…

Independently  50%          

As a team member in a group setting  25%

As a team leader in a group setting  25%


Will the fellow be expected to travel as part of the position?  Yes

If so, how often and where?   


Will the fellow need the following to carry out the position…

A driver’s license?  No

Their own car?   No