Fellow Responsibility:

  • Fellows will work 40 hours per week for the agency in a capacity-building role for one year (agencies can reapply for subsequent fellows on the same project for up to three total years).

Host Agency Responsibility:

  • Agencies must be willing to offer fellows an engaging and interesting position that both fits the needs of the organization and is consistent with the goals of the Philly Fellows program.
  • Agencies will contribute to the cost of the program, paying quarterly installments directly to the Philly Fellows program during the fellowship year. The 2017-2018 host agencies will pay $15,000 for the full year. These payments support fellows’ living stipends, housing costs, and professional development, as well as program administration.
  • Agencies must provide the fellow with an appropriate work environment and materials, and must assign a supervisor for the fellow’s project.
  • Agencies will provide a job description and appropriate training to fellows at the beginning of their fellowship.
  • Agencies must provide quarterly written reports to Philly Fellows outlining the progress towards the project’s goals.
  • All Philly Fellows are AmeriCorps VISTA members, and their positions must serve to build the capacity of the agency (as opposed to direct service), work towards the elimination of poverty, and cannot include direct religious or political activity.
  • Agencies are NOT responsible for directly paying the fellows, payroll taxes, workers’ comp and related insurance, or health benefits.

Philly Fellows’ Responsibility

  • Philly Fellows will recruit and select a talented pool of fellows, who will be subsequently be matched with host agencies (agencies will generally get the chance to interview 2-5 pre-selected fellows for each project).
  • Philly Fellows is responsible for all AmeriCorps VISTA-related reporting and paperwork.
  • Philly Fellows provides shared housing for all fellows.
  • While agencies are responsible for project-specific training, Philly Fellows provides ongoing leadership- and professional-development training throughout the year.