Philly Fellows logo Apply Now squareAre you a recent or soon-to-be college graduate looking for a way to jump start your nonprofit career? We’ve got a great opportunity for you. Philly Fellows offers year-long fellowships that connect top college graduates to dynamic nonprofit opportunities in the city of Philadelphia. All fellowships are full-time positions, and our 2016-2017 placements include a variety of focus areas, such as food access, education, refugee resettlement, and prisoner reentry. In addition to working at their host agencies, our Philly Fellows develop their leadership and professional skills and engage in the city’s vibrant communities. Benefits of our program include:

If you’re still not convinced that our program is awesome, check out what our alums have to say about their Philly Fellows experience:

“Philly Fellows allowed me to work closely within a community setting… I was given a lot of responsibility very early on and the freedom to figure out how to run an adult education program.” – Kanika Ramchandani, Philly Fellows 2014-2015

“Philly Fellows deeply influenced what I am doing now. The opportunity to live and work in Philadelphia the year after I graduated helped me fall in love with the city and enabled me make to make meaningful personal and professional connections.” – Aly Honsa, Philly Fellows 2009-2010

“Living with the other fellows was a supportive environment for working through challenges at my placement and deciding next steps for after Philly Fellows.” – Chelsey Lowe, Philly Fellows 2014-2015

“It helped me as a person in a lot of ways. I spent a year learning about issues in my community and the world, and how to be a better citizen and neighbor no matter what industry I work in.” – Mara Miller, Philly Fellows 2010-2011

“Being a Philly Fellow was a grounding experience allowing me to make connections with people and organizations that continue to impact who I am and what I care about… I can’t imagine a more positive post-graduate experiences meeting a wide range of people with similar passions, exploring an amazing city and having a meaningful and transformative work experience.” – Kathleen Abels, Philly Fellows 2009-2010

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our Apply Now page for full details, and be sure to submit your application by Sunday, February 7, 2016, at 11:59pm EST.