PHILADELPHIA SOCIAL INNOVATIONS JOURNAL: How Coalitions Are Strengthening AmeriCorps VISTA’s Mission in Philadelphia: An Example from Philly Fellows and the Center for Literacy (April 22, 2015)

TEMPLE UNIVERSITY CLA NEWS: CLA alumni gaining valuable experience as Philly Fellows (January 23, 2015)

FAST COMPANY: What you need to know before getting your dream job saving the world (October 8, 2014) Philly Fellows Executive Director Tim Ifill and other nonprofit leaders discuss the appeal and expectations of working in the nonprofit world.

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FLYING KITE: Exchanging ideas (and doing good) at an innovative new space (April 9, 2013) Philly Fellows was one of the first organizations to join The Exchange PHL, a co-working space for nonprofit, philanthropic, and social justice organizations in Philadelphia.

IDEALIST CAREERS: 3 tips to consider if you want to start a non-profit (March 26, 2013) Philly Fellows co-founder and Executive Director Tim Ifill shares his tips for starting a nonprofit and being a social entrepreneur.

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PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Graduates in Philadelphia put themselves to good use (October 6, 2011) Daniel Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer highlights the work of the 2011-2012 fellows.

USA TODAY: In tough job market, college grads turn to service (October 2, 2011) Philly Fellows is featured as one of several service program opportunities that have grown in popularity for recent college graduates.

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Area grads do good – and remain in town Philly Fellows spend a postgraduate year helping nonprofits (August 22, 2009)

JEWISH EXPONENT: Young man, fluent in Mandarin, wins a prime spot at HIAS (May 7, 2009) 09-10 Fellow Hansi Wang featured in Jewish Exponent article about Philly Fellows’ new partnership with HIAS and Council Migration Service of Philadelphia.

MAIN LINE TODAY: Motivated Spending- The truth still stands: Anyone can afford to give (November 11, 2008) Philly Fellows’ efforts featured in Main Line Today.

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PHILADELPHIA CITY PAPER: Follow up to “Why Can’t we Keep Them” (December 29, 2005)

PHILADELPHIA CITY PAPER: Why can’t we keep them? (June 16, 2005) Philly Fellows highlighted as an opportunity to engage recent college graduates in Philadelphia’s nonprofit sector and develop the next civic leaders.