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Philly Fellows offers year-long fellowships that connect top college graduates to dynamic nonprofit opportunities while developing their leadership and professional skills and engaging them in the city's vibrant communities.

The program brings together the nonprofit, college, government, and business sectors to accomplish the dual mission of strengthening the city's cultural, educational and social-service organizations and build the next generation of civic leadership.

For the fellows, the program facilitates the transition between college and full-time employment in Philadelphia through service-based employment, housing, and exciting opportunities to network and get involved in the city.

For nonprofit organizations, Philly Fellows provides educated, motivated employees to engage in critical full-time capacity-building projects.

For the City of Philadelphia, Philly Fellows strengthens our city's vital nonprofit agencies, builds stronger and more just communities, and develops future civic leaders.

Philly Fellows works to solve the city's most pressing social problems by building a pipeline of talent to the nonprofit sector.

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